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There are so many ideas in my head…. it hurts sometimes. Now that I have the time to explore my creativeness I am faced with decisions of what to start with on my table and pull out of my brain. Dragons, fairy earrings, Moku Gane, wire twisting…….ahhhhhh!! Alright, I love mermaids, that’s what I will do. And thus started My Little Mermaid. I’ll walk you through the steps (sort of) just to give you an idea of where to even begin.


I have seashells, lots of seashells. I had already made a sea dragon on one and guessed a mermaid would work too. I thought I would make my mermaid a little on the fishy side. No Disney mermaid here, nope. Gills,         green,…well, fishy.

The start of the mermaid actually took the form of of a bald girl with legs (She kind of looked like the creature from the black lagoon). Starting with legs helped me make sure the tail would be the correct proportion (later these legs would be formed into a tail).

Note the Shell. That later becomes a shell phone. I squished her legs together and then covered them with black clay, elongating out with the black clay to form a tail. Boobies out in the open would be a no no at a fair (at least I supposed) so on went seashells even though I didn’t really want to put them on. She also got a fin on top her head.

Being that most people these days think all mermaids have red flowing hair I added my red snake like curls to the head. The tail and skin needed some coloring and I used pearlex and chalk pastels to accomplish that.


I got out the acrylic paints to make her facial features. She also got a shell necklace, gem belly button, and many jewels and pearls. The jewels and pearls were glued on with E600 mixed with clear sprinkles to give a watery effect.

My little mermaid was sold and has a good home. The buyer said she is giving it to her daughter because she is on her shell phone all the time. Imagine that!

I’ve included pictures of a sea dragon that also sold. I get quite attached to my sculptures, not so much to my other creations, but the sculptures take on their  own personalities. I feel like a mother when they get sold and hope they find a good home and I cry. Okay, I don’t cry, but I feel like a little part of me went away in my piece of art.

I hope this post inspires you to pull that idea out of your brain and put a little piece of yourself into a beautiful creation.





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