Super Bow

Seanna the Archer

Seanna the Archer

Yes, the title says “Super Bow”.

I watched the Super Bowl today as did millions of other people, including children, I wondered what kind of lessons are being learned or imitated. What if archery was one of the most watched sports on television with the highest paid athletes? How would that change the social pecking order in let’s say schools?

Just think……high school. The “geeks” and not so popular kids are the football players. Football players get made fun of because the sport consists solely about getting a ball to one end of the field by throwing it and bashing heads and bodies to keep the opponents from getting the ball. The football players are most often picked more for their brawn than brains and have to dish out hundreds of dollars out for their uniforms and protective equipment. Then there is all the school missed not just to attend the games, but for healing from injuries caused while playing in the games. There is also the large expense by the school district to provide and maintain a grass area so that the game of football can be played.

Now, let’s look at the popular kids…the archers. Archers come in every size, age, and demographic that exists. They do tend to be very patient, smart and kind. Although archers compete against other archers, their greatest challenger is their self. The equipment can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want, but generally as a novice you may spend most of your money on the bow and the rest on arrows and gloves which could just be about three hundred to nine hundred dollars. The archers wear a t-shirt and jeans for uniforms. Yes, they miss some school for archery competitions, but never has one missed due to an injury received during said competition. Archery can be practiced and have competitions just about anywhere, even a big dirt field.

Being quiet, reserved and smart doesn’t get you beat up or bullied in school. Being big and brawny doesn’t get you beat up and bullied either (remember the popular kids are kind and smart). Maybe there wouldn’t be so many teenage suicides or the ever popular “shoot everybody before I kill myself ” scenario. Or if some angry mentally ill teen did decide to shoot everybody, it would most likely be with arrows not bullets; Lethal, but not as much a semi-automatic gun.

Back to the SUPER BOWL…..This is all just speculation on my part as I find it hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. Watching the football go back and forth, laughing at silly commercials tricking us into buying something we don’t really need, and sipping on a hard cider. Yes, I actually do wonder why football and not some other sport such as archery should be treated as if it were a national holiday or sacred feast. Or even why place so much emphasis on sports at all?! Would our children be safer and happier if America’s favorite past time was archery and not football? Alas, not all our social ills can be blamed on any one thing. But, chipping away at where as Americans we have gone awry or wrong can maybe save lives and make our country a happier place to live.


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