Fiji Bound!

Vanua Levu 2

I’m Fiji bound!!

Stuffing and sitting on my suitcase until it closed reminded me I WAS going to pack light. Yeah well, I’m toting a bunch of stuff for my gracious friends for whom, without, there would be no trip to Fiji. Cans of salsa, pepperoni  (apparently Fiji is not a place to get Mexican food or pizza), flea medicine for dog, bike tire tube, and an assortment of other things filled almost my whole checked bag. Yikes!

I still had all my clothes and toiletries to pack. Then I realized I had packed unacceptable  items in my carry on. Swaparoo, sit on the bags and  zip zip. Watch out Fiji here I come.

Stuck in very slow irritating traffic, riding in an airport shuttle, and what comes along in back of a truck, but an Indian Buddha; Blissfully riding down the road unaware of the honking, yelling, car entrapped humanity around it.

Ahhhhh, or should I say ohmmmmm…..Yes, I am heading thousands of miles away to a tropical paradise. Who gives a hoot about traffic! I have no plans to do anything and lot’s of plans to do something in Fiji.

I got to LAX in plenty of time. Pulling two bags, wearing a small back pack, and lugging my laptop, i walk right up to the Fiji Airline Check in window. As expected, My checked bag is 11 pounds over weight and my supposed carry on is 30 pounds. Okay, no problem to pay $120 for all that. paid left head to the gate to charge my now 20% phone. ARRRRRRR…I left EVERYTHING  in the carryon, now checked bag. The thing I am most bummed about is the nice snuggly blankie I was going to fall asleep with on the plane.Well, no time like the present to start the disconnect from the outside world. And take two instead of one sleeping pills.

One last call to Joe, the love of my life, who I think hopes I return. Sorry Joe I’m at 20% and can’t talk to you for the next two hours I am sitting here in LAX waiting to sit on my butt another 11 hours. I cannot believe I am going on this long of flight over thousands of miles of water. Times like this that I am glad I’m a good swimmer and no icebergs to hit (kind of hard to do in the sky). Of course there is always the shark factor.

Sitting here in the terminal I am suddenly surrounded by lots of friendly, smiling, Fijians. Ah, I think what I read about Fijians being some of the friendliest and happiest folks on earth is already coming true. The lady I conversed with is going to Tonga. She hasn’t been for 9 years and is so home sick. I would say so!! San Jose, California compared to Tonga…no brainer!!

10:04pm Flight has been delayed due to late arrival of the aircraft. I am actually relieved…..I need to relieve myself…TMI. In about ten minutes I board  the plane to embark on a journey and adventure that has no shape or plan at this point. I hope all you come along with me as I will be checking back in by this Saturday or Sunday with an update, pictures and hopefully video if I get my GOPro figured out.

Goodnight and farewell. My cow and I are heading out over the horizon to  a South Pacific paradise. BULA!!

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Born and raised in Los Angeles County, specifically La Canada Flintridge. Moved to Central Coast of California and stayed to raise two children, get a B.A. in Sociology and Criminology and now enjoy 4 grand children. I recently retired from California State Superior Court in San Luis Obispo and plan on growing my arts and craft business BJ's Eclectic Treasures.
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3 Responses to Fiji Bound!

  1. Kim says:

    I was in the car was reading your post and spaced out going through the dryer I paid extra for! Some one to get me back to reality. Have a wonderful journey my friend.

  2. Camille says:

    Fun! Thinking about u and the cyclone!

  3. Paula says:

    I just read Joe’s post on the cyclone – be safe, my friend!

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