Discovering and Uncovering

Discovering and Uncovering

Hello Cyber World and Beyond!

Barbara (SquirrelBoss) here with my first blog. Wow! So much is going on in my personal journey called life and our world we all call home. Pinning down one subject to focus on at a time will not only be difficult but, …..squirrel!

Okay, so, this blog will not only be a tool for me to work on my lack of focus, but also a light hearted way to discover and uncover what I and the world can learn from each other by voicing opinions, sharing pictures, helpful hints, stories and unlimited fodder for thought and discussion.

Let’s learn, teach, and entertain each other on this blog!

About SquirrelB0ss

Born and raised in Los Angeles County, specifically La Canada Flintridge. Moved to Central Coast of California and stayed to raise two children, get a B.A. in Sociology and Criminology and now enjoy 4 grand children. I recently retired from California State Superior Court in San Luis Obispo and plan on growing my arts and craft business BJ's Eclectic Treasures.
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4 Responses to Discovering and Uncovering

  1. Joe S. says:

    Nicely done

    I will follow you to the ends of the…….squirrel… What was I saying??

  2. SquirrelB0ss says:

    Thank you Joe for your complement. Please follow me wherever you want tee hee

  3. Terry Robinson says:

    Nice. Looking forward to reading your blog.

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